Locally owned and operated since 1954.

Brown Rental Party is now being managed by Idaho Tents and Lighting.

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What is an overnight rate?

An overnight rate is a special rate that allows the customer to have a rental item from the last hour of business one day until the first hour of business the following day.  Depending on the item rented the rate is equivalent to a  3 or 4 hour rental.

Does Brown Rental have an after hour drop?

No we do not.  The customer is responsible for returning the rented items to the correct store during regular business hours.  The customer is responsible for all rented equipment until a Brown Rental employee takes possession.  The customer assumes all liability of equipment left unattended.

Does Brown Rental Deliver?

Yes, we deliver.  The delivery charge is dependent on the distance from the store.

Does the customer have to clean equipment?

If the equipment rented is used in the dirt Brown Rental asks that an amount of reasonable cleaning be applied.

Am I responsible for refueling the equipment before I return it to Brown Rental?

On small lawn & garden equipment with a 3 gal. or smaller tank Brown Rental ‘s fuel is covered by the rental.  Equipment with tank larger than 3 gal. a fuel charge will be added to the rental contract.  The customer will only be charged for the fuel required to fill the tank back to its full level.  If the customer chooses to fill the tank with the proper fuel on their own, the Brown Rental fuel charge will be waived.