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Brown Rental Party is now being managed by Idaho Tents and Lighting.

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FAQ Party Store

Is a deposit required for a reservation?

Yes, BR Party requires a 30% deposit upon reserving. The deposit ensures your items will be held for the event date. The deposit is non-refundable. If you do cancel your order all pre-existing deposit money will be credited to your customer account so that you may apply towards future party or tool rentals. There are no penalties for adjusting, subtracting or adding to your reservation.

When should I have all changes made to my order?

All changes should be made at least 48 hours before your reservation date.  If linen adjustments are required we ask that you allow one week before your reservation date so we can ensure that we have all linen in house.  This is especially important for special order linen.

How long do I have my rental for?

Most of our event rentals are for 48 hours.  The price given is the same regardless if you have them for 24 or 48 hours.

Do you charge for delivery and pick up?

We do offer delivery and pick-up service for a fee.  The fee is dependent on the location of the event.  The fee includes both delivery and pick-up.  The initial delivery fee is for delivery and/or pick-up during regular business hour; Monday-Friday 9:00a.m. to 5:30p.m., Saturday 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m., Sunday’s (seasonal).  Any delivery or pick-up requested outside these times is considered after hours and will be subject to additional fees of $42.00 per person per hour.

Does delivery and pick-up include setup and tear-down of items?

Delivery and pick-up only includes setup and tear-down of canopies, staging and dance floor.  It is the responsibility of the customer to handle tables and chairs unless otherwise arranged with BR Party.  When items are delivered the BR Party team will leave items stacked accordingly in the prearranged location discussed with the customer.  Upon pick-up all rental items are asked to be stacked in the same manner as they were delivered.  Table and chair setup/tear-down service is offered for an additional fee of $42.00 per person per hour.  This service is asked to be arranged ahead of time so the BR Party team can schedule accordingly.

If renting a canopy how is the canopy anchored?

All canopy setups require anchoring via 18″ stakes at no cost to the customer.  The customer is expected to have all sprinkler heads and other important lines marked according to dig line.  If other arrangements have to be made special anchoring fees will apply.

Doe the additional $42.00 setup and tear-down fee include decor service?

No, but BR Party does offer decor service beyond table and chair setup.  Decor services vary and can be very detailed causing pricing to vary.  For more details contact one of BR Party’s event specialists.

If I schedule my items for delivery and pick- up do I have to be present?

We do ask that a representative be present upon delivery and pick-up of rental items for inspection and count purposes.  This will allow for any issues or discrepancies to be rectified in a timely manner.  If a representative cannot be present at the time of delivery and pick up the customer assumes all responsibility of items left.  If items are left in an exposed area the customer assumes responsibility of any theft of items and/or damage that may occur to items due to inclement weather or other elements such as sun or sprinkler damage.  Customer will be charged full replacement cost for extensive cleaning and/or ruined items.

If I pick up and return rentals where and when do I need to have items returned?

All event rental items are to be picked up at the BR Party warehouse located at 540 N. Curtis Rd. Boise.  We ask that all items be picked up and returned to the BR Party location during regular store hours.  If items are dropped off before or after business hours and left unattended the customer assumes responsibility of items until collected by a BR Party representative.  Please verify store hours upon picking up and returning your items.

Do I need to clean all items before returning back to BR Party?

All of BR Party’s linen are professionally cleaned and pressed so customers will never have to worry about them.  We ask that all dish, glass and flatware be at least rinsed and free of excess food particles.  All other items are asked to be returned in similar manner to which they were received.

What is considered proper handling for linen?

We ask that our customers place all used linen in a bag along with hangers and the bag be left untied.  If linens are wet we ask they remain separate and not bagged.  If linen is bagged wet the possibility of mildew increases.  If wet linens are left tied in a bag the customer is responsible for replacement cost of mildewed linen.

What type of things will not come out of linen during cleaning?

Chocolate and ink will ruin linens.  Red wine and most food items are not a problem.  If wax is present there will be an additional fee of $10.00 per linen for additional cleaning steps.

What doesn’t the rental protection cover?

The rental protection does not cover broken/missing dishes & glassware, damaged linen and negligence.  Full replacement cost of items will apply in this event.  Please inform a BR Party representative right away of any broken/missing items or excessively stained linen.